Change happens through movement and movement heals. – Joseph Pilates


My name is Anastasiya Gerets and i am so proud to be a Pilates instructor. I was born in Ukraine and grew up during the period of Chernobyl catastrophe. As many children of that time i was very weak with many health and physical limitations. When i was a high school student of Kharkiv Gymnasium, i got a scholarship from US Department of State to spend one school year as an exchange student in Spartanburg, SC, USA and that is where i discovered a healthy lifestyle. While having many physical limitations i could not cover most of Fitness methods. Later in Ukraine i kept exploring the types of exercise accessible for me. And i found that magic method called Pilates. First of all i learned the movements and then i learned to do those movements RIGHT! I discovered so many parts of my body, that i didn‘t know before. The style and quality of my life has changed. Physical fitness was a prerequisite of my happiness. A weak girl with many ailments turned into a self-confident, healthy and happy woman.

Pilates taught me to move right, to recruit the right muscles, it developed my core, improved blood circulation, strengthened all the muscles groups, improved methabolism. This successful experience pushed me to become a Pilates instructor and spread this Method to everyone. I really enjoy teaching Pilates because i know for sure, that it is super effective and provides fast changes, if it is exercised regularly.

I have a huge experience of teaching different populations groups, including people who are visually impaired/blind, wheel-chaired, teens, prenatal and postnatal women, athletes and elderly people. I provide verbal, visual and manual instructions to make sure the exercise is understood.

Welcome to my group and individual Pilates sessions!

Pilates Education:

2014 – Pilates Mat and Stretching – Fitness Factory

2016 – Pilates Mat 1 – Balanced Body, USA

2016 – Pilates Mat 2 – Balanced Body, USA

2016 – Pilates Mat 3 Small Equipment– Balanced Body, USA

2016 – Complete Anatomy Course for Pilates Instructors – Balanced Body, USA

2016 – Pilates Reformer 1 – Balanced Body, USA

2016 – Pilates Reformer 2 – Balanced Body, USA

2016 – Pilates Reformer 3 – Balanced Body, USA

2017 – Two Educational Pilates Workshops – Polestar Pilates

2017 – Complete Calssic Massage Course – Massage School “Zhiva”

2018 – Stretching Course – Master Academy

2018 – Anatomy Course – Pilates University “Fitness4You”

2018 – Pilates Small Equipment Course – Pilates University “Fitness4You”

2018 – Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates – Tetra Fitness School

2019 – Pilates with Theraband – Pilates Academy

2019 – Flexi-Bar – FlexiSports

2019 – Two Educational Workshops – Balanced Body

2019 – Pilates Reformer – Pilates Academy

2020 – Pilates Teacher Education Program – Pilates Academy

2020 – Pilates Barre – Pilates Academy

2021 – Pilates Mini-Ball – Pilates Academy

2021 – BODYART International Instructor’s Program

2021 – Fitness Trainer License B