Pilates with Anastasiya Gerets

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” – Joseph Pilates

Welcome to PilatesCafe – a Pilates Studio designed with love, joy and healthy spirit!
The name of the studio has a special story, that i want to share with you!
It was a beautiful evening in May. My friend and i had a Reformer Pilates workout. Some people say that physical exercise is a hard work and it takes great efforts. Well, for us it was another session of joy and fun. As we were walking back home, we stopped at a local coffee place to have a drink. All those pleasant emotions after Pilates workout, amazing taste of a drink, communication with my loved one pushed me to promote the idea of exercising as a way to enjoy life.
PilatesCafe is a studio where you enjoy your body and mind, through an exercise system, developed by Joeseph Pilates, communication with your loved ones and of course a drink. All these positive emotions can become a great subsituion for medications, eliminate stress, improve so many aspects of our lives.